Karen Reimer


1989     MFA, University of Chicago

1982     BA, Bethel College, North Newton, KS,



2019     Outside In, LAXART, Los Angeles (with Phil Peters)
2017     Droughtscape, Monique Meloche Gallery "On the Wall" series

2016     Shoretime Spaceline, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago

2015     Geometry in Outer Space or Heaven, Monique Meloche Gallery, Chicago, IL

2012     Endless Set, Owens Art Gallery, Mount Allison College, Sackville, New Brunswick

         Endless Set #1399, Gallery 400, University of Illinois at Chicago

         Golden, Gahlberg Gallery, College of DuPage, Glen Elynn, IL

2011     The Domestic Partnership of Heaven and Hell, Monique Meloche Gallery, Chicago

2008     Endless Set, Monique Meloche Gallery, Chicago

2007     Embroideries 1999-2005, Rochester Art Center, Rochester, MN

         Endless Set, VONZWECK, Chicago

2005     Precursory Conditions and Operations, Riverside Art Center, Riverside, IL

2004     Boundary Troubles, Monique Meloche Gallery, Chicago

2003     Schopf Gallery on Lake, Chicago (with Scott Short)

2002     Goshen College Art Gallery, Goshen, IN                                       

2001   Cold Comfort, installation, collaboration with C. Bacon, Hyde Park Art Center,


1999     Forgeries, Beret International Gallery, Chicago

1998     Hesston College Art Gallery, Hesston, KS

1996     Postcard, Beret International Gallery, Chicago

Legendary, Lexical, Loquacious Love, artist book release, performance with Sally

       Alatalo, Printed Matter, New York

1995     Bethel College Art Gallery, Newton, KS

1994     Know Your Poodle, Beret International Gallery, Chicago (with Sonny Venice)



2018     Through Her Eye, MANA Contemporary, curated by Ysabel Pinyol

2017     Infinite Games 50/50, Open House Contemporary, curated by John Preus

2017     What Is?, Pulbic Access, Chicago, curated by Keeley Haftner

2017     Projects, at Expo Chicago

2016    Unravelled, Beirut Art Center, Lebanon.  Curated by Rachel Dedman and Marie Muracciole

         Dude...Heavy, South of the Tracks, Chicago, IL

2014     Material Gestures: Cut, Weave, Sew, Knot, Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago, IL

         The Book Lovers Pop-Up Bookstore, De Appel, Amsterdam

         Why Marriage?, Darst Center, Chicago, IL, curated by Mia Ruyter and Chuck Thurow

2013     A Study in Midwestern Appropriation, Hyde Park Art Center, curated by

                      Michelle Grabner

2012     Wall Text, Logan Center for the Arts, University of Chicago, curated by Zachary  

              Cahill and Monica Szewczyk

2011     Write Now: Artists & Letterforms, Chicago Cultural Center, curated by Nathan Mason

2010    Let’s Talk About Love, Baby, a traveling library curated by Chido Johnson 

2009     New Wave: Artists’ Books in the 21st Century, School of Creative Arts, University of the

              West of England, Bristol

2008     The Matter at Hand, Memphis College of Art, Memphis, TN

         Curiouser and Curiouser, McLean County Art Center, Bloomington, IL, curated by

              Allison Hatcher

2007     Raised in Craftivity, Greenlease Gallery, Rockhurst University, Kansas City, MO, curated

              by Maria Elena Buszek

2006     New Embroidery: Not Your Grandma’s Doily, Museum of Contemporary Craft, Portland, OR,

              curated by Namita Wiggers

         Data Mining, Wallspace Gallery, New York, curated by Joe Scanlan

         Not I: A Samuel Beckett Centenary Celebration, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

2005     Amorphous Solid, Durand Art Institute, Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, IL

         Catalog, SOIL Gallery, Seattle, WA

2004     Stalemate, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, curated by Domonic Molon

Baltimore/Chicago, Decker Gallery, Maryland Institute of Art, Baltimore, curated by

      Kerry James Marshall

fitter, happier, DePaul University Art Museum, Chicago, curated by Matthew Girson

2003     Pins and Needles, Kohler Art Center, Sheboygan, WI

2002     The Devil is in the Details, Galberg Gallery, College of Dupage, IL, curated by

              Anthony Elms

2001     Con/textual, Chicago Cultural Center                                         

         Spelling, The Rye Art Center, Rye, NY

2000     Artist's We Like, Wall Street Project Room, New York

         Julie Laffin, Darrel Morris, Karen Reimer, Barat College Art Gallery, Lake Forest, IL

1999     Chicago, West Virginia State University Gallery, Morgantown, WV

The Other Book, Cleveland State University Art Gallery, OH

1997     N.E.W.S.: Jennifer Kraus, Karen Reimer, Levant Tuncer, Gallery A’pert, Amsterdam

1996     Vorfruhling, Galerie cb, Vienna

1993     Mixed Messages, Forum for Contemporary Art, St. Louis, MO

         A Sequence of Forms, Illinois State Gallery, Chicago

1992     Not Working in L.A., Nomadic Site, Pasadena, CA, curated by Pae White        

1991     Animal/Vegetable/Mineral, installation, N.A.M.E. Gallery, Chicago, curated by Gary


1990     Foxtrot, Randolph Street Gallery, Chicago



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2012     Publication grant, from Center for Craft, Creativity and Design, w/ Gallery 400

              University of Illinois at Chicago

         Exhibition grant from Graham Foundation, w/ Gallery 400, University of Illinois at

       Chicago, and Gahlberg Gallery, College of DuPage

2010     Women’s Caucus for Art President’s Award

2002     The Artadia Individual Artist Grant

         The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Individual Artist Award